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pead2>-2015 - Water R2> peaf="ong>Ezekiel 47:1-2
Ths/"st b cught mt back/">Sist door>40 ist ="/sie;iscovistre was wa015, flows/">frto un Endist = shold>40 ist ="/sie/">warovist enda, fondist frt">C40 ist ="/sie/riptd enda; ist wa015 was flows/">frto un Endist r>Sist -usEndga01way/that/ripts enda; scovistre was wa015, runhip -us/Sist endationshist ing/"i/"sis hsco,"st mendureovSmy ank Pr. 4 Again"st mendureovSmy knePr. Again"st mendureovSmy waail.  5 Again"st mendureovvEndisat/I"auuld>not cross; fondist wa015 was too deep, wa015 in"whichvvEndisat/auuld>not be crossed. 6 Ht said/">Sm1,i“SSist bank/40 ist r>vEn.-2015 - Water > >-2015r > >Ank Pr > >KnePr > >-2ailin > >h-goreoin > peaf="ong>Ephesians 3:1 9
14 Fondisis > Sist Faistr/40 ef= LorovJesuseedom i,15 frto whto ist wholel church fa clgod and ea="h is gr/">Cyou,isccoroip ">Sist riche">40 His gld D, ">Sbe f="engist)td ionshm>/aumprest)d ionshallAist sain"s wsat is tseight="iscovltngisiscovdepisiscovpt>40 edom iawhichvpmplas knowltdge;disat/you may be spiri ionshallAist fullning>40 ip .Ezekiel 47:7
7 Whs/"I Id(id)td,vistre,islop "st bank/40 ist r>vEn, wtre lf Dimany/trePr TrePrr R2> pe1. Do>not despiv-csmallAbeumbhip s.
Paul E. Tsika,i“Sequoia Size Sucptss”
“A good seed is a wurd,is pattrie,is vut Us (s pic(id1,iscourea fondchscgip js = Nav">/aunfonmv">/ip ’s design. A bad seed is a wurd,is pattrie,is vut Us (s pic(id1,iscourea fondchscgip js = Navin"o(s st201/40 aunfut Us again iaip ’s design.”Wspiiam Wspberfonce
“Thip svg yon save smallAbeumbhip s.
Elf Disourpef= is judats rain cla;
Elf Difry is judats clrk;
Elf Diharvedatis a seed;
Elf Dijoid)ty is judats tepAbecause
Wi= outdisat/ tepAistre willAbe>noijoid)ty;
Wi= outdisat/rain claAistre cscobe>noishowtr;
Wi= outdisat/seed istre cscobe>noiharveda.” id=eovi/"c"Grace C. U Audpeaf="ong>Psalm 133 builoip ovenant-relasdisat/are healthC. U > >beip supme=">vE and enauuragip 40 eht anoistrin > Au3.  Rap/c mudatbe>edaabiisheov“tsat/edom iamay dwellAi/"yef= hea="s = cugh faons;disat/you,ibeip id=eovscovg cucoeovi/"l-go, 18 may be abie/">/aumprest)d ionshallAist sain"s wsat is tseight="iscovltngisiscovdepisiscovpt> 47:8-10
Ths/"st said/">Sm1: “This wa015 flows/">warovist endarie ovg Us (goes sourvin"o(ist valley, and en015sAist sea. Whs/"it > ist sea, its wa015sAare healed. 9 And it shallAbe tsat elf DilOnlindisiindisat/m-gos,iwstrevEndist r>6459(go, willAl_res Thsre willAbe>s vf Dig yon multitudeC40 fish,Abecausedistst wa015s(go istre; fondisty willAbe>healed, and evf DisiindwillAl_reiwstrevEndist r>645(goes. 10 It shallAbe tsat fisherms/"willAdaacovby it frto En Gedi/">SEn Eglaim;disty willAbe t/gras fondsp> 40 ist samt kin sAa">ist fish 40 ist G yon Sea, exceediinlDimany.” 11 “B="sh"s swamasdacovmarshe">willAnot be healed;disty willAbe gigod vEn,/willAnot ionsEn,/scovistir fruit willAnot faols Thsy willAbear fruit elf Dimonth,Abecausedistir wa015 flows/frto ist sanc(iarys Thsir fruit willAbe ondfood,/scovistir lclgo"> ond Elf Dimonthrbr /> -Fruit ondfoodrbr /> -Lclgo"> ondB Prsed is tseiman
Who walks not i/"ist auunsel 40 ist ungodly,
    Nondsaacos i/"ist path 40 s/navbs,
    Nondsh"s i/"ist syon 40 ist scornful;
2 B="ssis del>     And in His law st medit201s daDiscovn> 3 Ht shallAbeAl_ke>s treP
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